Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tantalizing ‘Suiren’ and Alluring ‘Hamachi’ Awaits You at Miyako

Gear up for another gastronomy adventure with Chef Dino’s creations; Suiren Set Dinner and; Hamachi (Yellow Tail Fish), a Japanese seasonal catch.

Taking off as the first dish of the Suiren Set is the Ark Shell with grated apple and Miyako Special Roll sushi. “Many of our regular diners love our Miyako Special roll. Having that in mind, I’ve added the item into the promotion. To enhance the taste, I created the ark shell dish too,” explains Chef Dino.

Warming up to the second course is the Miyako Jiru; sea cucumber soup served with assorted vegetables. Adding a slight hint of difference, Chef Dino complements the soup with broccoli. “Not many Japanese dishes has broccoli and since it complements well with the soup, I’ve added it in,” says Chef Dino, who’s been cooking Japanese cuisine for almost 20 years now.

Karashi Unagi Karaage or better known as Spicy Japanese Eel to Malaysians, is the third course of the set. Moving on is the Kurage Tofu. Uniquely created, sample beancurd generously topped with jellyfish in sesame dressing.

Next, head for Capelin Fish or Yaki Shisamo. “This fish is best prepared either by grill or deep-fry in Tempura style. As for this course, it is grilled to perfection for its taste and texture. For better taste, we serve it with soya sauce”, advised Chef Dino.

For lobster lovers, the last course is not to be missed. Explore Ise Ebi No Kinoko Mushimono. It is steamed lobster served with four types of Japanese mushrooms in clear broth. “In Japanese culture, there are usually two soups in a set menu. At Miyako, we practice the traditional way (Japanese culture) of preparing and serving Japanese food”, informed Chef Dino when inquire the purpose of having two soups in the set dinner.

Ending the meal, guest can opt for desserts that include mixed seasonal fruits or the ever-popular Miyako Green Tea ice cream.

On special highlight, do ask for Hamachi (Yellow Tail Fish) Specialty. “This fish will look like the bigger version of our “ikan bilis”, Chef Dino said. He also added that the fish is served in clear broth.

The set dinner and specialty are priced at RM88++ per person and RM39++ per serving. It is available daily from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.

Meanwhile, Miyako also offers…
1) Hozuki Buffet Lunch
Available on Mondays to Fridays
From 12.00 noon to 2.30pm
RM66++ per person

2) Weekend Lunch All-You-Can-Eat a la carte
Available on Weekends and Public Holidays
From 12.00 noon to 2.30pm
RM70++ per person

3) Weekend Dinner All-You-Can-Eat a la carte
Available on Weekends and Public Holidays
From 6.30pm to 10.30pm
RM85++ per person

4) “Oishee” Mini Buffet Dinner
Available on Fridays
From 6.30pm to 10.30pm
RM85++ per person

For reservations, please call (03) 5031 6060 extn 1973.
Sheraton Subang Hotel & Towers


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