Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ume And Kohitsu Awaits You At Miyako Japanese Restaurant

Enter the second quarter of year 2006 with Chef Dino P’ng’s 6-course Ume Set Dinner creations.

Serving as the first dish, let Chef Dino tempt you with his Ebi Harumaki No Mango Salsa. As clear as the name should sound, it is a fusion of Japanese and Spanish cuisine. “This is more known as Prawn Spring Roll served with Mango Salsa”, explained Chef Dino.

Next up is the Noppei Jiru or Assorted Vegetables and Fried Beancurd. “Jiru” means soup in Japanese. This soup dish has assorted vegetables like shitake, enoki, carrot and raddish making it sweet in taste and great in appearance”, informed Chef Dino.

Moving on is the famous Sashimi that meant assortment of raw fish. “As usual, we will be serving salmon, tuna and prawn”, he added.

Coming to the fourth course is the Yaki Aji Hiraki also known as Barbecued Horse Mackerel Fish. Kaki No Koganeyaki, at the fifth course, meant deep-fried oyster with egg.

As for the last course, excite your palate with Hotate No Karashi Moro-Misu. “The scallop is pan-fried and served with a special sauce called spicy malted soya bean. The sauce is made up of red chilies, miso paste as well as soya bean paste”, advised Chef DinoFor diners who want to end their meal on a sweet note, do check out on the restaurant’s variety desserts to choose from.

Of special highlights, try out the Kohitsu (Lamb Chop) Specialty or Lamb Chop with Garlic Butter Soya Sauce.

Available this whole month of April, the above promotions are attractively priced at RM88++ and RM39++ respectively.

Sheraton Subang Hotel & Towers
For reservations, please call (03) 5031 6060 extn 1973.


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