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Meatworks Restaurant

text by Dave Avran, images by Shem Daniel

Meatworks is a restaurant, deli and butchery in Solaris Mont Kiara opened by the National Feedlot Corporation, a centre for production of beef opened under the Ninth Malaysia Plan. This should mean, in principle at least, fresh Beef and Lamb for consumers without having to pay exorbitant air-flown prices.

Having read good reviews about Meatworks and having it recommended by a Chef friend, Frigglive decided to drop by with a party of ten people to celebrate birthdays for three of them. I duly called and reserved a table for ten, telling them that there were three birthdays being celebrated.

It turned out to be a nightmare. Meatworks in its current state of affairs is the perfect example of Malaysians doing what Malaysians do best - turning a good idea into a horrible reality. The wait staff displayed the typical “tidak apa” attitude so common in many restaurants here. This is really sad because it has so much potential.

Resaurant Manager Mohd Faizal Zainal Abidin had resigned and left, leaving Head Chef Dino running around desperately multi-tasking as waiter, cashier, cleaner and supervisor while trying to keep the daily operations under some semblance of controlled chaos. Full marks to Dino for his efforts, but his staff let him down miserably.

The waitress who eventually took our orders after a 20 minute wait seemed bored out of her mind. I made her repeat our orders when she didn’t bother to do so. “Take note that there are 10 main courses,” I told her, my 28 years of experience in the F&B industry kicking in and warning me to expect problems.

She did not bother to ask for our drink order, and did not return to lay the table with the appropriate cutlery for each diner. So there we were, 10 of us looking at 3 small plates of uncut garlic bread with no utensils to eat. I had to get up, locate a waiter and request for cutlery.

Sure enough, nine main couses were served over the next 30 minutes. To add salt to the wound, it was my dinner that was omitted. When I checked with the waitress, she proceeded to defend herself by telling me it was the fault of the kitchen, instead of trying to solve the missed order.

From this point on the dinner proceeded rapidly into a series of frustrating disappointments with requests for sauces, water and serviettes being fulfiled at slow motion speed after several reminders


I pulled Dino aside and had a chat with him, expressing my dissatisfaction with the service rendered. He duly apologised and acknowledged that he was shorthanded.

Dinner finished, the used plates and cutlery were cleared and I waited for the 3 complimentary slices of birthday cake. And waited. And waited. Off I went to locate Dino, and reminded him. After a couple of minutes, He arrived with candles in the 3 cake slices and led us in singing happy birthday.

That was good, but it left the 10 of us looking at 3 slices of cake on the table without…

you guessed it, forks to cut and eat the cake. There were no wait staff in sight, so off I went to speak to the Cashier behind the counter to request for forks. She told me to ask the wait staff. Totally flabbergasted, I returned to our table and we ate the cake with serviettes.

At this point we had had enough and I asked for the bill. We waited. And waited. A wait staff approached our table and placed 3 side plates with 3 teaspoons in the middle. At first we just looked incredulously at it, then everyone broke out into spontaneous laughter.

Although Dino gave me a 10% discount on the bill, it did not make up for the dismal service, wrong food orders, omissions and overall disappointing experience for what should have been a joyous birthday celebration. To make matters worse, their prices were not cheap. We would have definitely been better off going to one of the established steak houses instead of experimenting with Meatworks.

Frigglive has sent a copy of ths review to the management of Meatworks with the fervent hope that they will get the message and improve.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the Barramundi Fish at Meatworks. The cous cous was overcooked and tasted like porridge. The piece of fish was so small I had to put on my swimming suit and dive into the plate to look for it. This dish was overall too small a portion. Definitely not worth the price I paid.
- Veronica

1:51 am  
Blogger Ling's Passion said...

I had the rib eye. Though I got no complaints on the meat but Meatworks can surely do better instead of serving the meat with unappertising plain looking brown sauce and a few miserable cubes of fried potatoes. As for the side veg......opps no recollection of eating them. But the most embarassing moment was when they sang birthday song to the wrong person....(shake my head).

4:53 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the sirloin steak, medium rare. The size was reasonable but the meat had a half inch thick of fat and was grainy. Ended with more than a mouthful of inedible steak. The steak wasn't juicy and it was at best disappointing.

I love my steaks and have to say that this was indeed the worse steak experience ever, not to mention expensive.

Service was appauling, food tasted bad, food quality no better than those that you get from the hawker stalls selling Western Food, price was exorbitant for what you get, environment was slightly better than a cafetaria set-up and noisy.

Will I return? Not even if the establishment sent me a complimentary meal.

To think I had gone out of my way to only discover that steak can actually be bad if not done right.

I would rate this place negative 10/10.


5:11 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to be a regular there when they first started but stopped going after a couple of disappointing visits. After reading your review it seems they've gone past the point of no return. A shame, really.
- Asian American

5:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had a similar experience at Meatworks and have since gone back to our favorite steak house. Never again!

The Petrus Family

5:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I used to go there frequently but have not experienced bad service.
To be fair I have not been there the last couple of months so perhaos things have changed - Jerry Foo

5:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First Meatworks head by Chef RIZ, food quality all 1st class, but now i dont know what names of that blur chef, meatworks quality down.. Down like under my foot.. Food mcm hampeh, overcook.. service low class,mcm tak sekolah..better warong mamak service, very busy but service always fast and alert..Meatworks staff suppose to be trained at Mamak Warong in service..
Better try a new staekhouse near by Plaza Mont Kiara, LAS VACAS.. Doneness, quality all in 1st class..

3:20 am  

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