Friday, March 26, 2010

Sushi With A Twist - Genji Japanese Restaurant, Hilton PJ

Sushi With A Twist - Genji Japanese Restaurant, Hilton PJ

1st - 30th April 2010

Genji is showcasing a range of extraordinary sushi to offer a new culinary experience to Japanese food lovers. Inspired by Southeast Asian and Western cuisine, the exclusive sushi promotion starts from 1st till 30th April 2010, for lunch (12noon – 2.30pm) and dinner (6.30pm – 10.30pm).

Having worked in traditional Japanese restaurants in Japan and being a Malaysian who is exposed to different cuisine, Genji’s Head Chef, Richard Teoh, and Chef Asyraf have developed the confidence to fuse the best of various cuisines to create something distinct and enticing.

This time round, Genji’s sushi team trained by Chef Richard has assimilated elements from Thai, Malaysian, Italian, Norwegian and more into Genji’s sushi menu to offer amazing sensations to the patrons. A delicately shaped wasabi paste and a refreshing dash of Japanese ginger pickle keep the well-pressed sushi company on each plate.

Taste the Golden Prawn Roll or Kuruma Ebi Ura-maki to trigger off your food sensational adventure. Garnished with gold leaves, the shiny reversed roll sushi looks appealing even at the first sight. Tempura prawn and crumbs fill your mouth and break into loud crunchy noise the moment you bite into the sushi.

Sashimi lovers would also instantly fall in love with the Genji Jyo California Roll or Genji Jyo Maki. Instead of seaweed, the avocado and vegetable-stuffed sushi is draped with raw fresh salmon and tuna slices to create a colorful, tempting visual.

The delightful journey continues with the Norwegian roll or Norwegian Chu-maki. Wrapped inside the vinegar rice are generous spread of deep-fried crispy salmon skin from the Norwegian salmon and vegetables. To augment the flavour, Paprika herb is sprinkled around the sushi roll with flying fish roe or tobiko as topping.

The Stuffed Calamari Sushi or Ika Isobe Maki, contrary to the ordinary stuffed sushi in which sushi rice is put inside a sweet fried–tofu pouch, here the sushi rice is stuffed inside a calamari. Nicely arranged on a layer of ladyfingers, the lightly pan-fried calamari is glazed with homemade spicy teriyaki sauce to add a feel of Malaysian spiciness to the Japanese cuisine.

Then, turn your attention to another strange combination, Sushi Pizza. Replacing the usual dough, the crust is a layer of seaweed with sushi rice laid neatly on it, topped with Genji’s special puree sauce, diced seafood, bell pepper, oregano and mozzarella cheese. The ingredient combination provides a more delicate variation in flavour especially with the slightest hint of vinegar from the sushi rice.

Finally, end your adventure with the Genji Lobster Roll or Ise Ebi Maki, which promises you a different perception of sweet Thai mango. Covered with thick juicy mango slices, the reversed sushi roll wraps the deep-fried lobster with spicy mayonnaise and vegetable. The refreshing sweet Thai mango not only gives the luxury sushi a flavour burst but also serves as a treat for the eyes. You will be surprised to find what an excellent pair the sweet Thai mango and deep-fried lobster can make.

Enjoy the “Sushi with a Twist” under the Japanese countryside ambience at Genji! The interior design and interesting collection of Japanese art creates a warm and inviting environment to dine in. The price of promoted sushi ranged from RM45++ to RM120++. For reservations, please call (03) 7955 9122 extn. 4071/2 or visit

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