Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CNY Specials at Toh Yuen

images by Veronica Ng, text by Dave Avran

What would Chinese New Year be without the noisy and boisterous reunion dinner? The Chinese make their annual migration in large numbers back to their respective home towns to join the rest of the family for that all important first meal of the lunar year.Modern life being what it is, many families opt for the convenience and comfort of having the reunion dinner at a comfy restaurant.
One of the better known and popular choices is Petaling Jaya Hilton’s Toh Yuen with its spread of Yee Sang, prosperity set menus and of course the a’la carte Chinese delicacies.
And so it was that Veronica and I stuffed ourselves silly on Toh Yuen’s RM1388 Prosperity Set to bring you this review.
Sigh…the things we have to endure in the line of duty…
The thoughtful people at Toh Yuen have put together 4 tailor made set menus priced at RM988++, RM1088++, RM1388++ and RM1888++ per table of ten people for your business entertaining, family reunions and friend get togethers.
Click on the menu below for details.
There are also 5 varieties of Yee Sang – sliced abalone with seasonal fruits, Tuna, Salmon, Vegetarian and Jelly Fish Yee Sang, These are available from 5 January till 9 February 2009, are available in three sizes of small, medium and large and are priced from RM40++ to RM288++
Toh Yuen tends to get pretty busy around this time so calling 03 7955 9122 extn 4073 for reservations would be a smart thing to do indeed.
click on menu to enlarge

Flower Chinese Tea

An interesting mini-drama unfolded when PJ Hilton’s Asst Marketing Communications Manager Ms Elaine Chiew introduced us to their Taiwanese Flower Tea.
What started off as a small green round ball at the bottom of the glass slowly blossomed into a 3 tiered 3 colored flower when hot water was poured on it.

As we sat and watched this beautiful transformation, Elaine informed us that there were several varieties of these Chinese Tea balls and that their price increased with the number of tiers and flowers that unfold.Apparently the ultimate is a grand total of seven tiers and multi colored flowers! Watching this alone is enough reason to get yourself down to Toh Yuen.

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