Tuesday, April 22, 2008

PJ Hilton's Let's Get Cooking promo

PJ Hilton presents Let's Get Cooking, a signature culinary promotion that highlights its master chefs from all its various outlets. If good food, fine wine and great music float your boat, you have four weeks (April 28th - May 17th 2008) to gorge yourself in Paya Serai, Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant, Genji Japanese Restaurant, RED@Chillis and Caffe Cino.

Purely in the interest of our beloved frigglive readers, the editor and photographer Regina Robin sacrificed their waistlines to review one dish from each outlet especially for you. Kindly note that the review dishes had smaller portions so as to enable us to sample a wider (pun intended) variety, therefore the amounts and presentations you see in the following images may not be accurate representations of the actual food served.

For starters, we had Chef Carlos from RED presenting his Tian of crabmeat with honey balsamic syrup and mizuna leafs. It was absolutely scrumptious, 2 medallions of layered crabmeat, tuna and corn kernels and sufficiently served to whet our appetites for more.
Chef Aziz from Paya Serai (Malay) served up Sup pindang makanan laut (seafood soup) and while he took pains to describe his laborious cooking methods, I have to be honest and say that it reminded me of plain old prawn mee soup minus the noodles.

Chef Richard of Genji was up next, with his Japanese style omelette with grilled eel and mountain yam stuffing. The general consensus around the table was that the omelette was too sweet. I guess Malaysians are not used to sugar in their eggs.
Chef Tan of Toh Yuen fared much better with his Pan fried lamb chop with black vinegar sauce. The fact that we polished the plate clean was enough to have him grinning from ear to ear.
For me personally the star of our review was definitely what Chef Colin of Paya Serai (Western) referred to as a "double hook-up". Giving me a dirty look as I innocently asked if it meant having a wife and a girlfriend at the same time, he explained that it was grilled fillet of salmon and cod fish with thyme scented vegetables. Both the fish fillets were done to perfection. Highly recommended.
Having no pity for us nor for our rapidly expanding waistlines, the good people from PJ Hilton unleashed Chef Yusni of Caffe Cino on us. He came in bearing his Combination of baked pear with caramel ice cream and bitter sweet chocolate - vanilla creme brulee. I think I've finally found a substitute for sex.The dessert, I mean. Not Chef Yusni.

You will live to regret it if you miss this one off exquisite epicurean experience. Call +603 7955 3909 now to make your reservations.



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