Monday, October 09, 2006

Coffee Hut in Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi, Taman Tun

A coffee lovers heaven. Coffee Hut (opens from 7pm onwards till late) serves a variety of coffee and tea. Unlike Coffeebean and Starbucks, Coffee Hut has an impressive menu of close to 20 local brands like Kemaman and Ipoh White, to name a few. They also carry international coffee from Africa and Brazil.

Prices are mid range. A cup of local coffee will set you back RM 3 while a cup of international coffee would cost RM 5.

Besides the execellent coffee and tea selection, one can also order food from the next door eatery, Rasta. Two worth mentions are Azim's burger shack and the Satay Kajang.

Give it a try!


Get to Taman Tun. Drive as if going towards One U. At the traffic lights, instead of turning left to One U, turn right. You would be on Jalan Burhaniddin Helmi. Go straight past the traffic lights. You would be passing Esso and Mobil on your right. Rasta & the Coffee Hut is in between the two gas stations.

At the second traffic lights, make a u-turn into Esso and find parking. Get out of car. Walk to Rasta. Coffee Hut is the not so brightly lighted venue.


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