Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Smashies Burger

images by Joyce Chuah
Smashies Burger
Metro Genting,
Jalan Genting Klang,
Setapak, Selangor.
6pm-11.30pm daily

It’s been an exciting couple of months with burger joints coming up with various different concepts in order to stand out. New kid on the block Smashies Burger claims a healthier concept where they have come up with different buns like charcoal bun, beet root bun, better patty and other such options.

Smashie’s buns come in five different types - black for charcoal, red for yeast, green for Pandan, yellow for lentil and orange for uh…orange. The burger is colourful and Smashie claims there is no colouring in it, as it is prepared by using natural ingredients.

The Annoying Orange is a burger stuffed with a beef patty, cheese, hashbrown potato patty and sunny side up egg, topped with crispy beef bacon sandwiched between a fluffy orange bun. The Australian chilled beef is freshly prepared with minimal seasoning. Price: RM 18.99

Smashies serves chicken as well. The Pretty Patty is layered with hash brown, egg, a chicken patty, and a slice of cheese within an orange bun. Price: RM 15.49

The Happy Cow Bun comprises a single beef patty, cheese slice, caramelised onions and crispy beef bacon. The patty is homemade and Smashies do not keep any patties overnight. Price: RM 16.

The Chicken Run is crispy deep fried chicken served with both tartar and hot sauce, topped with pineapple. Price: RM 12.49

Veggie lovers are not left out at Smashie with “Shroom Bomb”. The meatless sandwich is served with 2 fried Portobello patties, Mozarella and Cheddar cheese topped with tartar suace within a red bun. Deliciously made, it is also very addictive.
Price: RM 15.99

Cajun Spiced Fries are also available as a side order at RM6.99.

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