Monday, June 17, 2013

AFC Premieres A One-Hour Special Original Production Featuring Japanese Celebrity Chef Sho Naganuma today

images courtesy of AFC
Today at 10.00pm, The Asian Food Channel (AFC) will premiere  its  newest  addition  to  the  One  Night  Series.  Foodies in Malaysia can catch Japanese chef Sho Naganuma  as he takes on the challenge of cooking seven prestigious dinners over the course of seven days in  this  exciting  AFC  Original  Production.  The programme, ‘One Night in Langkawi - Sho Naganuma’, will air nationwide in Malaysia on Astro, Channel 703.

The one-hour episode, filmed in collaboration with BMW Malaysia, is set against  the  backdrop  of  the  beautiful  Four  Seasons  Resort  Langkawi.  In  such  a  luxurious setting,  Chef  Sho Naganuma,  is tasked  to cook  seven  grand  beachfront  dinners  over seven days for the launch of BMW’s latest 7 series car.

After years of working in world-class kitchens, and holding the role of Executive Chef at Hide Yamamato restaurant, an exclusive multi-concept restaurant situated at the luxurious Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, Chef Sho is used to working under  pressure.  However,  with  VIP  and  honorable  guests  flying  to  Langkawi  to  taste  his signature creations, he knows that there is no room for error. Before embarking on the journey, he even takes a trip back home to Japan to seek advice and inspiration from his mentor and world-renowned chef, Hide Yamamoto.

Chef Sho Naganuma’s love for food blossomed at a young age. He took his first step into the kitchen  at  the  tender  age  of six with  his  father ,  who  taught  him  how  to  prepare  traditional Japanese dishes. It was this experience that made a lasting impression on him and helped to spark an interest which eventually became a life-long passion.

‘One Night in Langkawi  - Sho Naganuma’  is the second  AFC Original  Production  to star this talented chef.   Chef Sho first saw his television  career come to life when he starred in Great Dinners  of  the  World,  which  featured  him  and  three  other  highly  talented  Asian  chefs  from Malaysia on their travels in France and Scotland where they cooked for influential  guests and even the royalty.

The One Night Series, filmed by AFC, documents  celebrity  chefs who are at the top of their game, challenging themselves to cook world-class dinners for Asia’s elite. Don’t forget to catch the  premiere  of  ‘One  Night  in  Langkawi  -  Sho  Naganuma’,  exclusively  on  the  Asian  Food Channel, today at 10.00pm on Astro, Channel 703.



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