Monday, June 17, 2013

Aaron Craze: Rude Boy Cooks’ Tour - Malaysia

Recently the Asian Food Channel kicked off its third edition of Culinary Masterpieces In Malaysia With the ‘Aaron Craze: Rude Boy Cooks’ Tour, and frigglive’s Veronica Ng got up close and personal with Aaron, through a series of engaging culinary and dining experiences at the BERJAYA University College of Hospitality. Aaron dazzled attendees with an array of robust dishes specially created for this tour, while entertaining with stories of his hard-knock life and rise to stardom.

Famed Protégé of Jamie Oliver, Aaron Craze showcased his culinary talents and whipped up an array of delicious street eats for the first time in Malaysia, as part of the Aaron Craze: Rude Boy Cooks Tour

The witty and charming ‘bad boy’ stars in  his  own  hit  programme  ‘Rude  Boy  Food’  which  airs  exclusively  on  the  Asian  Food Channel (Astro, Channel 703) every Thursday  at 11.00pm. 

Born into a family of West London criminals, Aaron seemed destined to walk down the path of personal destruction, dropping out of school at the young age of 15, only to take on a succession of low-paid jobs, including working in a factory and as a gardener in Mortlake cemetery.

Aaron received his first big break when his wife, Nicci, signed him up to participate in reality programme “Jamie’s Chef”, filmed at a east London restaurant opened by world renowned  Celebrity  Chef  Jamie  Oliver.  The restaurant  was set up under  his foundation named  “Fifteen”,  and  used  as  grounds  for  his  social  experiment. 

Jamie Oliver and his brigade of mentor chefs help to train disadvantaged kids and young adults to develop their culinary skills.  Aaron graduated from “Fifteen” with flying colors, and as a reward, was named as Oliver’s natural successor. He was awarded £120,000 to establish a business and the license to a pub worth £500,000.

Beneath his tattooed and tough demeanor, Aaron Craze is passionate about street food and is a strong believer in using fresh herbs to enhance the flavor of dishes.   In his first cooking show, Rude Boy Food, he explores street food around the world and replicates the dishes with his own unique twists, reflecting the multi-culturalism of his upbringing in West London. Not satisfied with just a cooking show, he wrote and launched his debut cookery book, Aaron Cooks Italian, in June 2008.

Fun and sociable by nature, Aaron whips up delicious savory and sweet dishes that he fondly names “easy handheld grub”! Whether he is cooking a themed menu for his friend’s hen night, or preparing food for an out of this world house party, you can  be  sure  that  his  dishes  will  be  urban,  ingenious  and  of course tantalizing! Gear up for a wild time while Aaron breaks all conventional cooking rules and get fired up over his delicious food.

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