Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Gerai Zabrullah Fish Head Curry

Gerai Zabrullah
Jalan Kg Attap
Kg Attap
012 220 2041 (Haleel)
Mon – Sat, 11:30am – 3:30pm
Closed Sundays and public holidays

The cars double-parked here are a dead giveaway to the popularity of this place, but we were in for another surprise – there were reserved signs on most of the tables! It is true – Malaysians will go anywhere for good food, especially a gerai under the tree.

Zabrullah’s fish head is not cheap, averaging RM50 for 2 persons, but it is sinfully delicious. He only uses Jenahak, Senangin and Ikan Merah heads. The gravy has the exact tartness from tamarind to keep you craving for more while the ladies fingers and brinjals are cooked al dente, not the mush you normally get.

There’s also sotong sambal to send your cholesterol levels skywards and fried chicken coated with turmeric, onion and green chili salad, beansprouts in turmeric, papadum and a bowl of “special sauce” to round up a good meal.

It turned out that Abang Zabrullah, 56, is “Ipoh mari” as is our editor, so the two of them were best friends within minutes. Zabrullah’s family has been operating a food stall at the Birch clock tower in Ipoh for the last 35 years spanning three generations.

Gerai Zabrullah has been in operation for fifteen years now, and given its popularity it just might be a good idea to call and reserve a table when you decide to go. After eating, take the rest of the day off as you’ll be too satiated to work.


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