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1st Asean Young Food Entrepreneurs Conference 2015

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From 18th to 19th November, FriedChillies will be organizing the inaugural Asean Young Food Entrepreneur (AYFE) Conference. This conference will be in conjunction with 1 Asean Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 (1AES). During this two day conference participants will be able to network, attend talks and discussions; and take part in food entrepreneurship workshops. The conference is FREE but seats are limited and upon registration only.

“FriedChillies runs Malaysia’s first local Food Network and in this capacity we created AYFE 2015 to connect young food entrepreneurs across the ASEAN region. This is to promote business, friendship, across border trade and innovation,” says Mohd Adly Rizal, CEO of FriedChillies.

“This region is a hotbed of food entrepreneurship. As more and more young people are embarking into running a food business, we think it’s high time there’s a conference to bring them together to share stories and who knows, be the catalyst for future regional expansion,” he adds.

Among the speakers for the conference is Ms. Nilamsari Setiono, the co-founder of Baba Rafi, which is the world’s biggest kebab chain with over 1200 locations in 7 countries. We will also have local food entrepreneurs Ren Yi from myBurgerlab and Nini Haznita from Kaw Kaw Burger sharing their experiences, successes and
challenges of opening franchises in the region.

The conference this year is Food Truck focused since trend-wise that is the entry
point for a lot of youths getting into the food business. Hence, the conference also has talks from some of the best Malaysian Food Truckers who will share their experiences on how to survive the tough first years and tackle issues like branding, staffing, food truck design and marketing.

There will also be sharing sessions from food truck associations in Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia to bring forth a regional perspective and promote across
border collaborations. The conference ends with a special invite “Bean Bag Food
Truck Roundtable” session moderated by FriedChillies. Here we will expect industry players in the food truck ecosystem (including over 50 food truck owners from Malaysia and the region) to take part in charting the way forward for this promising new industry.

“The AYFE Conference, promises to be an exciting two days where those who want to take a plunge into the food business will find fantastic insights and helpful tips into navigating their own fledging businesses. We have curated the conference carefully to answer a lot of questions that young food entrepreneurs have when starting up,” says Honey Ahmad, Head of Content for FriedChillies.

As a spin-off of AYFE, FriedChillies will also be conducting a 2 day Food Truck Workshop in partnership with CEDAR, the center of entrepreneur development and research of SME Bank, Malaysia. This workshop that is scheduled to begin Saturday, the 28th will be packed full of detailed talks like fabricating tips, branding, menu planning, ingredient sourcing and of course funding and licensing for serious professionals thinking of embarking in the food truck business within the next 6 months.

“We hope that AYFE will continue to be a global and annual event and act as a knowledge sharing platform for food entrepreneurs to connect and grow the F&B
industry. Anyone who has a desire to start a food business should not miss it!” Enthused Adly.

Email to register for the conference. Please include full name, IC number/passport, mobile number and company name to secure seats. You can also register at with the conference code PR03C. For more information please go to or FB/friedchillies.

About FriedChillies: FriedChillies is an award-winning Malaysian food media company (since 1998). In our multi-platform media network, we own Malaysia’s first local food channel, the FriedChillies Food Network on Channel 838 on UNIFI
HyppTV, produce original food content for a global audience via and organize engaging food events for our fans in Klang Valley such as the wildly successful I Eat Nasi Lemak and I Eat Burgers food events. 

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