Monday, August 24, 2015

The Glenlivet and Lance Cheang - Private Tasting and Barbeque

words and images: Dave Avran (because Veronica Ng was too busy socializing to take pics)

Our buddy Lance Cheang is a successful IT entrepreneur, but this mild mannered bespectacled fella has many other awesome hidden talents. Besides being a connoisseur and walking resource on single malt whiskey he is also passionate about cooking.

He particularly loves the manly art of barbecuing, and has a knack for whipping up his own delicious sauces to go with the grilled meat. Having done a gazillion BBQ’s under his belt, Lance has perfected the art of grilling.   

Give him rib-eye steaks and they’ll be lovingly seasoned with salt and pepper before being grilled right away. After searing both sides for a few minutes to lock in all the delicious juices, he flames it with Cognac and delivers a perfectly made melt-in-the-mouth steak exploding with natural flavor.    

Interestingly enough, Lance cooks the old school way by shunning electric grills; preferring charcoal which he says permeates the meat with a gorgeous smoky aroma.

At home, if he’s not enjoying a dram after a long day at the office, he will be scanning his numerous recipe books and dreaming up his own interesting tweaks on them. Lance loves to spend time in his kitchen as he finds cooking cathartic and a great way to relieve the day’s pressures.

Recently, in collaboration with The Glenlivet, Lance invited his friends to a private whiskey tasting and barbecue at his Dad’s lovely Tudor house in Genting Highlands.  As usual, he could be found behind the barbecue but his friends were certainly not complaining as he diligently churned out a smorgasbord of delectable grilled treats to complement the free flow of 12, 15 and 18 year old Glenlivets.

We had an awesome time as the cool crisp highland afternoon stretched into late night while we swapped stories and enjoyed the generously laid out food and drinks. Made some new friends too. 

Our thanks to BBQ Sifu Lance Cheang, the always dashing Lionel Lau, Rachael Van Buerle and Nicole Chai of Millennium Associates and Pernod Ricard Malaysia for pulling off yet another unique and entertaining event.

About The Glenlivet
The Glenlivet is the No. 1 single malt Scotch whisky in the world. Crafted in the remote Livet Valley since 1824, it is the only whisky with the unchallenged right to be called The Glenlivet.

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