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The Glenlivet Master Distiller’s Reserve Range Pairing Dinner @ Dewakan

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In keeping with The Glenlivet Guardians tradition of holding their events in intriguing and enchanting venues, we found ourselves at Dewakan, a hidden gem deep in the bowels of KDU University College in Glenmarie. 

image credit: Glenlivet

Our dinner was to be accompanied by the exclusive Glenlivet Master Distillers Reserve plus, a range only available to international travellers via Duty Free Shops.  Glenlivet have extend the range to include another two varieties, namely the New Master Distiller’s Reserve Solera Vatted and the New Master Distiller’s Reserve Small Batch.

Dewakan's Executive Chef, Darren Teoh, personally prepared the menu for our dining pleasure.

As we were seated, Darren was making his rounds with a push-cart, chatting animatedly as he effortlessly prepared fresh yoghurt popsicles laced with cumin pearls. I have to give it to him – he certainly knows how to "break the ice” with style.

As the Master Distiller's Range was served, finger food of what appeared to be twigs with Budu Mayonnaise were placed on our table.  (For the benefit of our western readers, Budu is a fish sauce and one of the best known fermented seafood products in Kelantan, Terengganu and Southern Thailand).  The twig shaped bread sticks were delicious with their hint of keropok flavor (deep fried fish crackers).

The first course which looked rather like ice kacang, (popular local thirst quencher of shaved ice, red beans, creamed corn, palm seeds topped with evaporated milk and rose syrup) turned out to be Razor Clams from Pulau Ketam, Rose Apples, Cashew Nuts and Tenggek Burung (local herb) served together with shaved ice made from the razor clams stock.  Eating this led to a kaleidoscope of flavors and textures in the mouth, well enhanced by sips of the Master Distiller's Reserve.

Next up, King Oyster Mushrooms, green curry paste and yoghurt topped with dried mackerel flakes paired with the Master Distiller’s Reserve Solera Vatted. Again biting into this released a medley of flavors and textures well complemented by the accompanying whisky.

The main course consisted of Confit of Lamb breast, spring onions and marsala onion puree paired with the Master Distiller's Reserve Small Batch. The lamb was marinated for 24 hours before being cooked in a wood-fired oven. Again the food proved to be fabulous, our only complaint being the portion could have been a tad bigger.

For dessert, a Malaysian favorite with a twist - pisang goreng (fried banana fritters) ice cream, nutmeg syrup, smoked chocolate chantilly. An amazing combination where the bitterness of the chocolate balanced the sweetness of the ice-cream.

About The Glenlivet
The Glenlivet is the No. 1 single malt Scotch whisky in the world. Crafted in the remote Livet Valley since 1824, it is the only whisky with the unchallenged right to be called The Glenlivet.

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Master Distiller’s Reserve
Traditional oak casks deliver the classic style of The Glenlivet - ripe fruit pear and gentle summer floral notes – while first fill American Oak provides depth, with creamy notes of coconut and soft fudge. Ex-Sherry oak is used to impart dried fruit flavors and spice aromas offering a deeper complexity and richness.   

Master Distiller’s Reserve Solera Vatted
To craft this exceptional liquid, the casks – Ex-Sherry, American Oak and Traditional Oak – are brought together in a Solera Vat. The Vat is never emptied, a process which creates a rich and intense whisky, developing greater complexity year on year. A high concentration of first fill American oak casks bring a creaminess and honeyed sweetness to this expression, which has a unique velvety character.

Master Distiller’s Reserve Small Batch
Each unique batch of this exclusive expression, is created with individually selected casks, chosen from the collection of whiskies maturing in The Glenlivet warehouses. Every single cask is nosed prior to the final selection and the finest first fill ex-Sherry and American Oak casks are combined with Traditional Oak casks to create exceptional malt, with subtle notes of fruit and delicate spiciness. It is then bottled and released in Small Batches, each with a unique batch number.

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