Friday, April 24, 2015

A single bottle of Vintage 1964. The online auction for The Glenlivets’ first series of 50 Year Old single malt Scotch whisky in Malaysia goes live today


A single bottle of Vintage 1964. The online auction for The Glenlivets’ first series of 50 Year Old single malt Scotch whisky to arrive in Malaysia goes live today

The online auction for the single bottle of Vintage 1964 from The Glenlivet Winchester Collection in Malaysia goes live today and will end after exactly 50 days on 12 June 2015 at 8.00pm.

From the single malt that started it all, only 100 bottles of this rare whisky exists and collectors around the world have been quick to find opportunities to add Vintage 1964 to their collection.

Malaysia has the honour of seeing Bottle No 3 released here and Malaysian whisky lovers and collectors are about to enter an exciting race to see who will be the highest bidder to ultimately own it.

Bids for Bottle No 3 will start at RM90,000.  With bid increments set at RM1,000.

“We are excited to see how the auction will go and what the winning bid will be,” says Brand Manager Angelyn Gan of Pernod Ricard Malaysia.  “It will be really interesting to see who will ultimately own one of the rarest single malts in the world and what it means for that person to have Vintage 1964 in their collection.”

In order to participate in the bidding process, one would simply need to register as a Guardian on the online bidding site. Once registration has been confirmed, they will have access to the online bidding site.

The winning bidder will not only acquire the coveted Bottle No 3 of Vintage 1964 but will also enjoy a trip for two to Scotland which includes a tour of the legendary The Glenlivet distillery.

Tended to over the last half a century by no less than seven master distillers, the collection takes its name from the current master distiller Alan Winchester.  But what makes Vintage 1964 so unique is that it was distilled and laid down by none other than Captain Bill Smith Grant, the last direct descendant of the founder of The Glenlivet, George Smith.

Alan Winchester comments: “This release marks a milestone for The Glenlivet. Casks of this age and quality are such a rare thing these days that I’m immensely proud to introduce the first of these rare vintages of preserved stocks from the distillery’s rich past. They’re a testament to our legacy of quality and to those who have nurtured this whisky over the years, including Captain Bill Smith-Grant, who played such a pivotal role introducing our single malt to the world.”

“Bringing the Winchester Collection to Malaysia is an honour because there are only a 100 bottles in the world,” says Terence Ong Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia. “This one bottle of Vintage 1964, Bottle No 3, is specially allocated to us and it will be interesting to see the response of the Malaysian whisky community.”

“This is definitely a unique opportunity.  Malaysia is an important market for The Glenlivet.  The auction will put the spotlight on the brand and offer great exposure for our Guardians programme.  We are proud to see that in just a short span of one year, the Guardians are now arguably the largest whisky community in the country,” he added.

The Malaysian chapter of The Guardians was formed through a series of “taste and discover” events which included pairing whisky with gourmet coffee, aged beef tasting and even, a haircut at the oldest barbershop in the world whilst sipping a dram.

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